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Parklex Prodema

Wood is the base of our manufacturing process. It is a natural product, and each veneer must be considered as unique.The presence of slight

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Argeton Terracotta Pane The durability is just as impressive as the contemporary aesthetic: our ceramic facade panels are impervious

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Architecture which causes a sensation always bears an individual signature. It is the foundation for the success of a concept.

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Trespa® Meteon®, cephe kaplaması, balkon panelleri, güneşlikler, balkon altı yüzeyleri ve diğer zorlu dış kaplama uygulamaları için tasarlanmıştır.

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IRONeX Corten Steel is a class A steel, which is worked by hand and developed to offer unlimited solutions.

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Cembrit Patina has a natural, textured surface. You can see the fiber and natural characteristics of the raw materials, and you can see and feel the sanding lines on the surface.

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Predictive construction; requires innovative and state-of-the-art materials. Therefore, metal products are always enriched with new products; In addition…

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Firestone UltraPly TPO esnek Termoplastik Poliolefin (FPO) çatı membranı olup, bir prolipropilen matrisine etilen propilen diyen kauçuğunun dahil edilerek polyester donatı ile üretilir.

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